Renas FRD-1000 C Date Coded Counter Specialty Automatic Bag Sealing Machine

Renas FRD-1000C series of bags especially designed for bonding and a legible date coding process manufacturing is necessary. Small and medium-sized businesses is a previous step to the packaging machine. The biggest feature of our machines, integrated 2 line bonding section can be counted ink coding system and production units .. According to the bonding method Precedent bag, series and much more seamless.

Video Machine

FRD 900 video machines belong to the model. Anca The logic is exactly the same.

Special bonding width

Renas FRD-1000C's thanks to a special bonding system, product bonding (sealing) never made the place does not get tight or air .. Renas FRD-1000C's footprint is 13 mm thick paste. Visually, it is much more elegant by melt machine.

Work with a Multi-Criteria single machine;

Renas FRD-1000C makes endless rotation through bonding rolls, up to 3 meters, a width of 1 cm width available in all heat sealing. In addition, thanks to the adjustable conveyor height and width, you can package the product in many different heights and volumes.

Work on all packaging type with a single machine!

Renas with FRD-1000C heat runs smoothly in all types of packaging with adhesion. CPP, PP, PE, plastic bags, Triplex, Penthouse, Monoplex foil types, laminated paper types, used in hospital autoclaved (sterilized) paper and bags, tea filter paper, laminated interlining, with heat as Patpatl bag kind of trouble-free operation in adhering to all types of packaging .

Resistance Wire Replacement Son;

As with machine-adhesive bag with Renas FRD-1000C melting, continuous resistance wire breakage it is not experienced problems, thanks to the long fireworks resistance and heat up the system that you can use without any problems, high bonding quality and you do smooth production ..

Integrated fan to paste Pipeline;

Renas thanks FRD-1000C 'be integrated into the bonding line which fan cooling, place the sealed bag after sealing operation, it is prevented from distortion and image kirliig.

Both Paste and Date Codes and Quantity Sayar;

Renas FRD-1000C employees through integrated coding system, you can make a total of about 30 characters in 2 lines of code to paste your product made. Also thanks to the coding coding point settings in the machine coding system always makes the location you specify the sticking point. Coding shape highly legible and visible. Using all the latest minimum rest is history according to the recommended consumption guidelines. From the number of sets with enough number of our machines and SKT, URT, PRT letters are given for free. you can still take care of your other letters to our company needs at very reasonable prices. An ink can encode an average of 25000 products made, with good settings ball. One of the biggest features of our machines apart from other FRD model also count the number of products it can be splicing. With this feature you can count the total number of Aded paste products.

Seamlessly years ..

Renas FRD-1000C is designed for businesses that produce less than 5,000 units per day. When the necessary conditions of use provided for many years to serve your business smoothly.

other Features

Renas ⦁ FRD-1000C and for many years thanks to robust electrical system is grounded to earth leakage currents serve your production in your business.

Renas ⦁ FRD-1000C No. 6331 is a suitable machine to work safety laws. It does not require any extra modifications.

Renas ⦁ FRD-1000C is a great machine to GMP requirements, the points of contact with the product is manufactured according to the food rice.

Abundant and cheap spare parts;

Renas next FRD-1000C serves as a backup for a long time without any problems thanks to free from maintenance and spare parts in the warranty period set .. Renas FRD-1000C's spare parts are stocked in our hands. Spare parts prices are extremely reasonable. Thanks to our horizontal or vertical machine conversion kit model comes for free, you can use either in a vertical position.

Against Renas FRD-1000C Fabrication Error 1 year is guaranteed throughout Renas machine. Our company also provides technical service fees apply to machines which were imported by other companies in this machine. We have parts of all makes and models are usually the stocks.

What a difference from other series FRD There Machinery?

Renas FRD-1000C 's sales and technical service to our other Series FRD The greatest feature of the machine is that in addition to the timer feature to date coded pattern Ink. Our machine if you make less than a day bonding 5000 is the right choice for you. Your production will make more than 5,000 daily, for your production machines must work more than 8 hours per day, we recommend Renas FRD-1100 model.

Technicial Specifications

Type: Auto Date Coded Counter Specialty Bag Sealing Machine

Model: FRD1000C

Power Supply 110 / 220V - 50 Hz

Power Consumption 800w

Sealing Speed: 6-12 / min

Pasting temperature range 0-300 C

Conveyor Capacity 5kg

Origin PRC

Coding Type Ink Coded 3 lines


Static Coated Steel

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FRD-1000 C Date Coding Continious Bag Sealing Machine with Counter

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