Renas RHD-D200 Manual Iron Body Bag Sealing Machine

Renas RHD-D200 Manual Iron Body Bag Pasting Machine is designed to be used at 200-250 units a day bag paste jobs. With painted steel housing with static color, it is particularly highly resistant to impacts.

Renas RHD-D200 Manual Iron Body Bag Sealing Machine and electrical installations thanks to its powerful transformer is more durable and longer-lasting compared to similar machines. With the setting on time, you can work comfortably even in bags of up to 200 microns thick.

Renas RHD-D200 Manual Iron Body Bag Sealing Machine against electric shock is a safe machine, runs at lower voltage, temperature wires or other electrical disruptions may encounter in contact, provide complete security against danger.

Renas RHD-D200 with Iron Body Bag Sealing Machine Manual 1 team is given a free Teflon and wire. spare wire and Teflon prices used in our machine supplies are extremely affordable. Also the price and control board transformer prices are extremely reasonable. with 4 mm off the track makes smooth paste.

Renas-D200 RHD Iron Body Bag Sealing Machine Manual How to Use?

1) Fill the product into the bag,

2) The bag's mouth, Renas-D300 RHD "get in between the two sealing jaw.

3) Set the time to make heating of the machine,

4) Push your hand down on the upper jaw of the machine and the red LED goes off in the settings section,

5) Pull the upper hand in the chin and allow the opening of the arm is attached to the upper jaw .. that simple ...

Our machine can work seamlessly in many kinds of bags.

PP, PE, CPP, PET, PVC, aluminum, coated, triplex, duplex, Monoplex bags, autoclave (sterile) bags, zipped (Locked bags) etc. easily works on almost all kinds of bags.

Machine Specifications


Manual Bag Sealing Machine



Power source

220V / 50HZ

Power consumption


Adhesive Range




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RHD-D200 İron Body Manual Bag Sealing Machine

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