RFK-400 Manual Cutting Machine Renas mouth Pedal Bag Closing Machine

Renas Machine RFK-400 Series Circuit Breaker Pedal Bag bonding machine, especially retail firms, small production at home is also ideal for businesses and factories that manufacture menstruation, it is a machine designed for your needs paste bag mouth. Plenty of consumables and spare parts that you can use for years without problems, it is an affordable machine. With the bonding time setting button on, you can work comfortably in bags of different thicknesses. Teflon and resistance is guaranteed to be included in değildir.dig supplies Desktop Type Bag series than is shutdown. With heat setting in enl can be up to 40 microns thick bag. You can adjust the temperature according to the structure of the bag thanks to the heat setting you paste.

Your obstacles veürün to breathe bag with paste will be longer lasting.

Machine Specifications


Manual Bag Mouth Off Pedal Cutting Machine



Sticking Length

40 Cm

Adhesive Width

3 mm

Adhesive Thickness

100 microns (max)

Time Adjustment

0-10 seconds


220 V

Size (Width, Height, Height)

32x58x85 cm



Adhesive Range

0-80 cm Cross

Our product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

Note: Teflon and resistance is not covered under warranty because supplies.

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RFK-400 Pedal Bag Sealing Cutting Machine

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