Fluidity is made extremely precise dosing of all types, including low doses of powder.
  Twist Powder Filling Machine

 RYD-V30 Why?

Renas RYDER-V30 Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Machine Screw, all powder consistency, fluidity of your low-dust product, thanks hatfe screw series can produce according to your needs and sensitive filling.

Filling could afford Series servo-controlled dosing,

Renas RYD-V30 brake as in the simple machine is not imputed with asynchronous motors, dosing is done by high-tech servo motors. This feature allows a continuous succession made in filling, never warm up the engine, the series does not waste high weight in the filling.

Touch Screen Control Panel and thanks to the PLC control unit control;

Renas RYD-V30 multi-function fitted as standard on all models thanks to the touch screen operator panel and PLC control unit, change your dosing is extremely easy and fast. Production many copies you can track your pedal can work in the trigger rather than a specific time range, you can adjust the filling speed. Software Development according to the way our production department can request various functions, you can support us in this regard.

smooth dosing system with integrated mixer for all products

Renas RYD-V30 through integrated mixer fitted as standard on all models in the stock tank filling can be smoothly even in the most difficult powder products. With the mixer speed setting that is available as an option in our machine, you get seamless fluency in many kinds of products.

Low Power Consumption

Renas RYD-V30 thanks to its low power consumption, it works seamlessly in any environment. It does not require new industrial ceyran. 2000 Watt power consumption even at full load 'under.

High Filling Range;

Renas RYD-V30 range is high sonderece filling machine according to precedent. Standard models can be filled between 100g to 5000g is. Lower dosing requirements can be produced according to your needs as your private hatfe dosing auger for our machines.

Packaging: Our machine is packed in a way suitable to be shipped long distances easily.

Shipping: We are in agreement that we are able to dispatch your product by courier at very reasonable prices. If you wish, we can refer you to their agreement with the warehouse or cargo.
Warranty: the machine is guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing defects.


 Filling can be Assortment Machine:

Dust Relishes, construction chemicals, powdered sugar, talcum powder, flour, corn flour, athletes supplements, infant formula, powdered henna powder herbal teas, skin masks, powder drinks, Sahlep, mahleb so smoothly in all products in the form full of dust, with exact precision It makes filling.

Technical Properties:

Tip:Screw Powder Filling Machine
Filling Range20-500Gr 
Capacity10 - 40 Pcs / Min
Power Consumption
Voltage220V /50Hz
Power Consumption10W

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RYD-V30L Auger Filling Machine with Loadcell (Campaign)

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