Renas is equipped with a particularly superior to many different plants precedent grinder machine.

3 blade breaking system; Renas herb grinder blade system pulls down the product of three different oluşmaktadır.ilk knife blade, the second blade will break the high-speed operation, the product accumulates in the bottom third blade provides a full break resubmit it to the second blade. In a very short time thanks to this feature, you can grinding with high capacity, depending on the product the product chamber can process fully within 1-2 minutes. Renas plant grinder of blades in all models, sementel from special chrome coating is produced higher acuity level.

The cover is opened understands Safety System; Renas plant cover is opened when the mill is grinding cover safety switch that is connected to the latch provides both security by providing the stop prevents the product in both the spill. Both grounded chassis, as well as a machine suited to the job security laws through appropriate safety switches to safety rules.

Easy Open lid opening latches; Thanks to easy-open latch located on the side of the shredder plant Renas cover opens and closes easily bored.

Thick steel cover and secure; Through thick and safe cover feature in all models of grinders Renas plant provides maximum security in any damage or errors that may occur in the blade and eliminates the risk of injury.

Adjustable grinding time; Renas plant 100 through the mill from time adjustment as standard on all models except models gr makes you programlayabilirsiniz.iste the grinding time when grinding

Tilting Cradle System; With 500 grams and tilting cradle system with the higher models in the product during the flushing process both during the grinding process it is achieved by grinding faster. In addition, unloading the product is extremely easy thanks to this feature.

Free Spare Parts; Renas plant takımı.b including upper and lower blades with a free grinder team kömür.b fiber mesh pieces and comes in a number of manual.

28000 minutes with full speed milling; Renas vegetation shredders thanks to the olmasıdır.b have the greatest feature minutes at 28000 rpm rotating blade system from peers feature tohum.tanel the sert.normal taneli.yar damp and our machines are fully grinding yapabilirsiniz.ayrı by zencefil.zerdeçal and cinnamon products such as products such as granules smoothly it is capable of grinding.


Our product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects.


Machine Specifications

Type: crushing plant 2000G is

Model: RBT2000

Rotational Speed ​​28000 rev / min

power 650W

Net Weight 5 kg

Voltage 220V 50/60 Hz

Origin China

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RBT-2000 Plant Grinding Machine

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