Renas RTB-300 Pad Printing Machine;

Renas RTB-300 Pad Printing Machine plastic, glass, PE, PP, cardboard, aluminum, stainless, iron, PVC, tin, eggs, thermoformed packaging, cotton, satin, wool fabrics, leather surfaces, Coated Etc. permanently it can print on almost any surface. Especially giveaway pens, lighters, is a highly successful products such as machine hours.

Renas RTB-300 Pad Printing Machine, especially thanks to the adjustable pad printing pad can encode 20 different history with a single stereotype. making inkjet printers as soon as the fault does not leave you have to pay high maintenance costs. Printing costs are extremely affordable.

Renas RTB-300 due to the pressure pads can use Pad Printing Machine in different sizes, up to almost the maximum surface area of ​​the plate, you can easily print.

The RBT-300 Pad Printing Machine Renas Renas machine is under warranty against all manufacturing defects for 1 year. After the end of the warranty, the cost price of spare parts and technical service fees, for many years serve as your business smoothly.

Some of the products that you can print with Renas RBT-300 Pad Printing Machine;

Dust masks, helmets, sample clock, pen, stainless steel or plastic coasters, aluminum surfaces, eggs later, water bottles, plastic bottles, jars, lids, lamps, indicators section of the electronic equipment, medicine vials

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Pad Printer

  • Brand: Renas Makina
  • Product Code: RTB-300
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