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RKY 100 High Speed Cap Capping Machine;

RKY 100 is a machine designed for especially small and medium sized businesses. It is much faster and easier than manual capping. 

ONE Machine For A Lot Of Different Bottles And Caps..

RKY 100 can work without any problems with all screw cap types. It works without any problems for all cap types such as Beaked caps, Triger spray caps, lotion caps, essence caps, cream caps, normal bottle caps etc. It does not need a separate mould for each cap.. Within a few minutes, you can adjust the machine according to the bottle or cap you will be working with. Thanks to its body designed to enable working in various positions, it can cap all sorts of bottles from 7 cm to 50 cm high. Its use and setting are very easy. Thanks to the setting arms and height adjustment flywheel, you can easily work with all heights.

Easy to Use Operator Panel;

Thanks to the easy to use operator panel, you can easily adjust the clamping time and the working interval of the automatic mode according to the number of dents on the type of caps you will be working with. Thanks to the indicator for the number of production located on the operator panel, you can always follow how many products you have manufactured. You don't need to have any electronic or machinery knowledge to be able to use the RKY-100 operator panel.. only being literate and being able to use your fingers are enough.

2 Different Working Modes: (Manual and Automatic)

Thanks to the both manual and automatic mode which comes standard in RKY- 100, you can standardize your production. You can adjust the working speed on the operator panel according to the speed of your hands, and the machine can work on its own without any extra triggering. Also, thanks to the pedal which comes free with RKY-100, you can control the clamping process with your feet.

Low Power and air consumption; 

RKY-100 is an A++ Class machine with low power and air consumption. The power consumption is equal to two 100 Watt lightbulbs. It does not require industrial current. You can use the sockets in which you connect your telephone chargers.

Production And Deliver Time; 

RKY-100 is being manufactured on our factory located in Kütahya. RKY-100 is mostly produced by our company with stocks. It's always available in our stock. In cases where it is not in stock, the deliver time is 1 week.

RKY-100 Can work with all screw cap types. Some of the cap types it is 
compatible with are as follows; 


Triger Spray cap, Essence caps, Beaked liquid soap caps, norma spray caps, sealed caps and all such types of screw caps between the width range of 13 mm to 50 mm. 

Tehchical Specifications:

Tip:Kapak Kapatma Makinası
Voltage220v 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Power40 x 2 = 80w
Sizes57 x 47 x 68 cm
Packed sizes68 x 58 x 78 cm
GN / NW59 Kg / 44 Kg
Air Consumption4 - 6 Kg / Cm2
Capacity20 - 40 Şişe / Dakika
Warannity365 days
Bottle Height50 - 500cm

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RYK-100 Semi Automatic Cap Capping Machine

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