Fluid gases, granular varieties, grain, grain products to work seamlessly in precision.

Renas RYD-T350AV Top Weighing Conveyor Feed Bag Filling Machine, especially the risk of injury, delicate granular products, powder products, fine granular products that are designed to mess up the risk of injury. Especially valuable and perishable form, please choose this model for your products will be more healthy non-flow problems. RYD-T350AV never automation with robust mechanical structure and does not let you down.

Renas RYD-T350AV Product weigh on the top of the bag filling mouth, which makes the weighing hopper, when it reaches the target weight stops the conveyor, the weighing time you press the pedal bunkers discharged directly sacks pre-weighed items. you're interested in another job even two filling weighing process continues automatically.

Renas RYD-T350AV Top Weighing Conveyor Feed Bag Filling Machine with kraft paper bags, resistance increased PE, PE, etc, made of material bags, sacks, etc, you can fill all types of packaging.

Renas RYD-T350AV Top Weighing Conveyor Feed Bag Filling Machine, produced from different materials according to your needs,
For example; animal feed, agricultural additives, carbon steel products such as pulverized coal (black) model made of steel, food products SUS 304 stainless steel, caustic in acidic structure, and in chlorine, etc, you can also use our sus 316 stainless steel model. In addition, the type of food and medicine for your products that require maximum hygiene of food and medicine to be produced with appropriate antibacterial conveyor belt.

Renas RYDER-T350AV higher capacity and sensitive to your needs filling, the product feed conveyor to tahriklendirilerek production capacity by a servo or stepper motor and precision you can go on in the standard.

Renas RYDER-T350AV much less space than the precedent machines, height 2.5 m is less than n. and only 1 m2 of space, fits all mill ..

Renas RYDER-T350AV Top Weighing will be integrated into the conveyor Feed Bag Filling Machine, you can still refill consistently less craftsmanship with feeding systems manufactured by Renas Machine., Still Renas Machine industrial type produced by large bags gluers or sack sewing the mouth of the package that you fill with machine series You can turn in a way.

Renas RYDER-T350AV Some of the kinds of products that you can fill with ;
Bulgur wheat, cereals, hard grain dried fruit, pistachios, peanuts, chickpeas, almonds, apricot kernels, walnuts, walnut, black peppercorns, beads and sequins caustic, powdered sugar, detergent powder, dough additives, flour, starch, corn flour, bran, salt, sugar, pepper flakes, chili powder, black pepper, nescafe, Turkish coffee, mint, oregano, cumin, flowers linden, currant, bıttım, powdered turmeric, etc. spices, lemon, salt, baking powder, carbonate , black cumin seeds, flax seeds, animal feed, feed additives, plant soil, fertilizer, grain coffee, almonds, sweets, etc products

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RYD-T350AV Top Weighing Conveyor Feed Bag Filling Machine (Semi-Automatic)

  • Brand: Renas Makina
  • Product Code: RYD-T350AV
  • Reward Points: 600
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  • 25,000₺

  • Ex Tax: 25,000₺

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