Renas Makina

Our company respectively supermarket management until 2008. Since kurulmuştur.kuruluş in 1996; the leading brand of natural food and cosmetic industry in Turkey has been engaged in the general distribution.


          Istanbul in 2008 - Uskudar Gediz in başlanmıştır.2012 the production of natural food supplements and natural ingredients of cosmetic products in its own facilities / Kutahya Organized Industrial Zone began to vegetable oil and pulp production at its plant in May 2014, it has begun production of the packaging machine.


          Our company Gediz / Kütahya 2,500 m2 20,000 m2 open and covered a total of 3,700 m2, including 1,200 m2 of space in Istanbul continues its activities in the open area of ​​20,000 m2. Renas, Support, Dermot, the HUD and other sub-brands that we produce our food and imported nearly 200 natural cosmetics and nearly 300 machines and our products consisting of our own production; home of our own team, our dealers are doing on the internet and the overseas marketing and sales through our country dealers.


          to buy our products that till the end of our clients business, contrary believes that new start, with our knowledge and experience to share with our customers, to fulfill the regular service conditions, we show the assessment of new demands and maximum effort to solve the problems.


          He loves doing our job, to comply with business ethics are regarded as the maximum in both purpose and uyuyoruz.he our customers are producing solutions to protect the rights of our own company.

                                 Company Name: Ramazanoğulları drug manufacturing Trading Ltd. Sti food.






             Company Name: Ramazanoğulları Food Drug Manufacturing
                                                                           and Trade Limited Company
           Company Director: Kenan RESIDENTS
           Committed Capital: £ 600,000
           Paid-in capital: 600,000 TL
           Address: Ünalan, İsmetpaşa Street
                                                                          Polat Business Center No. 3 Üsküdar - Istanbul
           Tax Office: ÜMRANİYE
           Tax Number: 7340111234




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           Manufacturing and Trading Company is the official website.